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Why not take one of our online courses and improve your chances of winning grants.

Why not take one of our online courses and improve your chances of winning grants.

What can we Support?

Some ideas are particularly out of the ordinary. They might provide enjoyment for large numbers of people, help to bring about important change, or create a major community asset.

The number of grants we provide for big ideas tends to be small, though the range varies enormously.  Regardless of their diversity, grants typically:

  • Have strong community support
  • Offer widespread community involvement
  • Provide significant, enduring impact
  • Are unique, often world-class
  • Attract major support from a number of sources (whether financial or in-kind)
  • Involve partnership between government, community and the private sector

As grants for big ideas can be complex, we need to be involved from the outset.  If your organisation is thinking about applying for this type of grant, please talk to us as soon as possible.  We want to understand what your needs and ideas are.

Download an eBook or take a course and give your club a headstart.

Download an eBook or take a course and give your club a headstart.

Big Ideas Supported by Lotterywest

Anything is possible! We have supported all kinds of amazing new ideas. By way of example, and not to limit your imagination, our experience is that grants for big ideas typically fall into one of the following three areas:

1. Community assets

  • Assets relate to Western Australia’s social, natural and built features
  • These add significantly to Western Australia’s resources and capital base
  • They create an asset which can benefit many people over a long period of time

Examples include:

  • The Lotterywest Federation Walkway in Kings Park
  • Albany Biodiversity Park, and National Memorial to HMAS Sydney (in Geraldton)

2. Major events

  • Events often reflect our State identity
  • These celebrate our culture in all its diversity
  • They offer high levels of community participation

Examples include:

  • The Artrage Perth Fringe Festival
  • Awesome Children’s Arts Festival
  • Western Australian Museum’s A Day in Pompeii Exhibition
  • City of Perth Skyworks
  • Spare Parts Million Puppets project

3. Large scale projects

  • Projects have Statewide application
  • These create exceptional opportunities or address important community issues
  • They have a major impact

Examples include:

  • Developing a community access strategy to major performing arts events, such as the big screen simulcast of Opera in the Park into regional communities and open access to WA Symphony under the Stars
  • A social and economic study exploring the impacts and benefits of the Northam Avon Descent as a major community event

What we Look for:

  • That the project relates to your organisation’s role and objectives
  • Endorsement from community organisations and government agencies
  • Ability for your organisation to deliver the project
  • Whether a feasibility study is required (we can provide a grant towards this)
  • A high level of project planning (including financials)
  • Contributions from other sources of funding (or there is reason to be confident that the necessary support will be secured)
  • Long term impact
  • Sustainability

Further Information

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