The Access for All Abilities Program (VIC)

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Access for All Abilities (AAA) is a Victorian Government initiative coordinated by Sport and Recreation Victoria.

The program has supported and developed inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people with a disability throughout Victoria for over 10 years.

The program funds organisations to work at a community level to develop inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people of all abilities. These organisations promote and encourage a range of sport and recreation opportunities across the state, from basketball, cricket, and Aussie Rules to soccer, sailing, and lawn bowls.

Clubs working in partnership with the Program can increase membership numbers and participation, and sporting competitions can enjoy more diversity. This promotes greater levels of inclusiveness, liveability, improved health outcomes and a stronger sense of belonging in local communities.

Changes have been made to the program

From July 2013, the Victorian Government shifted the focus of the program from funding local councils to funding State Sports Associations (SSAs), Regional Sports Assemblies (RSAs) and disability sports and community based organisations. This shift enables the program to better build ongoing capacity in local sporting clubs and provide better sport and recreation outcomes for people with a disability.

SSAs are the peak state sporting organisations for individual sports. They lead the development of particular sporting codes in Victoria. SSAs have the organisational capacity and the specialist skills required to adapt and improve on existing sport and recreation opportunities provided to Victorians.

The funding provided to Regional Sports Assemblies and disability sports and community based organisations enables the organisations to deliver targeted programs and services. These services complement and support the work done by the SSAs in community sport and recreation clubs.


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How you can get involved in an inclusive sport and recreation activity

Reclink Australia is funded by the Access for All Abilities program to act as the first point of call for people with disabilities looking for sporting opportunities, through the provision of Access for All Abilities Play.

Access for All Abilities Play is a free information and referral service to assist Melbourne people of all ages with a disability to become involved in sport and active recreation. With personal assistance from Access for All Abilites Play, you can discover a new sporting challenge now! Visit the Access for All Abilites Play website or call today to discover the huge amount of sports and active recreation activities close to your home and available for people of all abilities.

Contact Access for All Abilities Play

Phone: 1800 AAA VIC (1800 222 842)

If you already know what sport you are interested in, feel free to contact the AAA coordinators at the relevant State Sports Association.

How you can get involved in Rural and Regional Victoria

Regional Sports Assemblies (RSAs) will continue to support work by the community sport and recreation sector in rural and regional Victoria. For more information about inclusive sport and recreation opportunities in rural and regional Victoria, please contact your local RSA or speak to Reclink.

How you can find out more information about the program