Female Facilities Program – SA


Open: 11 February 2017

Close date: 10 April 2017


The Female Facilities Program helps eligible organisations to develop sustainable, functional, inclusive and fit for purpose female change room facilities that meet the current and future needs of the South Australian sporting community.

Annual budget

2017-18 – $3 million

Eligible organisations

State Sport and Active Recreation Organisations, Industry Representative Bodies, Local Government, Community Groups, Incorporated Sport or Active Recreation Clubs that do not hold a gaming machine license.

About the Female Facilities Program

About the program The objective of the Female Facilities Program (FFP) is to increase female participation in sport in South Australia and to support the South Australian Strategic Plan’s sport and recreation target (T83) “to increase the proportion of South Australians participating in sport or physical recreation at least once per week to 50 percent by 2020.” FFP will contribute to this target by funding the development of new or upgrade of current, outdated change facilities and provide female friendly change facilities for participants and officials. The budget for Round 1 of FFP is $4 million.

Who can apply

To be eligible for FFP funding, organisations must:

  • be a not-for-profit sport club, association or community organisation whose purpose is the delivery of sport programs, services or to manage sporting facilities in South Australia
    be incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 or have some other comparable legal status
  • be a Council constituted under the Local Government Act 1999 and providing sporting facilities in South Australia
  • provide most recent certified (signed by the club Treasurer) or audited Statement of Financial Performance (Income and Expenditure Statement) and / or Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) Bank Statements or Bank Reconciliation Reports WILL NOT be accepted.

    Who can’t apply

The following organisations will be considered ineligible for FFP funding:

  • Organisations that have been operating for less than 12 months
  • For profit, commercial organisations.
  • An organisation that has overdue ORS grant acquittals
  • Unincorporated organisations
  • Educational Institutions
  • An organisation that holds a Gaming Machine Licence

What funding is available

Eligible applicants may apply for up to and including $500,000 to:

  • Construct new female friendly change room facilities
  • Redevelop or refurbish current change facilities to cater for female participants.
  • Develop new or redevelop/refurbish existing change rooms for female officials.

Please note Organisations can submit one application. *Councils are the only exception to this. Funding is only available for projects that commence February 2017 or later; after grant agreements have been finalised.

What projects can be funded

Funding is only available for projects:

  • that commence February 2017 or later. Projects that commence prior to this date will be considered ineligible for funding
  • that have the consent of the landowner
  • that have no in-kind support, donations or labour included in project costs
  • that provide support from the State Sporting Organisation (peak body)

What projects will not be funded

The following project types are ineligible:

  • projects that include any in kind support
  • projects that are not considered to be female change rooms
  • projects that do not support sport activities
  • projects that commence prior to a Grant Agreement being finalised (February 2017)
  • projects where the request for funding is more than $500,000
  • projects that do not have the consent of the landowner
  • requests solely for the purchase of recreation, entertainment, sporting, maintenance or any other equipment
  • the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by fire, explosion, vandalism, flood, storm or other natural disasters that would normally be covered by insurance
  • projects conducted outside of South Australia
  • residential buildings including caretaker residences
  • routine or cyclical maintenance works to existing facilities
  • school based projects Ineligible costs

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