Australian Sports Foundation – Fundraising4Sport (F4S)

The Australian Sports Foundation Limited (ASF) was established in 1986 to assist Australians by generating funds for the development of sport from the corporate sector and the community at large. The ASF is a public company and is governed by the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989. It is listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Division 30, Section 30.90), which enables the ASF to offer tax deductions for donations of $2 or more.

The Australian Sports Foundation continues to build awareness in the sports sector of the importance of partnerships involving sport, business and the broader community. To reinforce this, the work of the Australian Sports Foundation has been named the Fundraising4Sport program(F4S). Through contact with sporting clubs, associations, national bodies and schools, and through establishing links with local government and community bodies, it has worked to promote understanding of the benefits of its tax deductible services and to develop a ‘self-determinant’ culture within organisations.

The ASF operates the Fundraising4Sport program which assists the development of sport in Australia.

Specifically, the program aims to increase opportunities for Australians to:
• participate in sport
• excel in sports performance

What organisations are eligible to register projects?

An organisation is eligible to register a sport-related project if it:
• is a non-profit or government organisation
• is incorporated in Australia under appropriate legislation
• is financially viable
• has an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Eligible organisations include:
• sporting clubs
• sporting organisations (regional, state and national)
• schools (or an organisation affiliated with an educational institution)
• government organisations
• community groups.

What types of projects can be registered?

Projects eligible for consideration for ASF registration must:
• be sport related (refer to the Glossary on page 20)
• aim to increase opportunities for Australians to participate in sport and/or to excel in sports performance
• be one of the following types:

– facility development
– facility feasibility study
– equipment
– team travel
– hosting a major sporting event
– sport development

• be financially viable.


For more information on the Australian Sports Foundation and how to apply for this grant, click here.