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11 February 2017

Close date:
10 April 2017

About the program

The objective of the Active Club Program (ACP) is to provide funding support to active recreation and sport clubs to further develop the programs and services they provide within the community and to support the South Australian Strategic Plan’s sport and recreation target (T83) “to increase the proportion of South Australians participating in sport or physical recreation at least once per week to 50 percent by 2020.”

The budget for 2016/17 ACP is $2,550,000. A notional allocation of $50,000 is available for each of the 47 electorates per year, divided over two funding rounds. For 2016/17 they are Rounds 41 and 42. $40,000 is notionally available per electorate in Round 41, with $30,000 of the notional amount available for facility applications and the remaining $10,000 available for program and equipment funding. $10,000 per electorate is available this round (Round 42) for program and equipment funding only.


The Active Club Program helps active recreation and sports clubs with:

  • program and equipment (up to $5,000)
  • facility upgrade requests up to $25,000.

It has two funding rounds per year:

1. facility requests and program and equipment (Round 43),
2. program and equipment requests only (Round 44).

Annual budget


Eligible organisations

Incorporated sport or active recreation clubs that do not have a gaming machine licence.

ORS Notifications

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Who can apply

To be eligible for ACP Funding, organisations must:

  • be a not-for-profit active recreation or sport club or community organisation whose purpose is the delivery of active recreation or sport programs and services in South Australia
  • be incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 or have some other comparable legal status
  • have a minimum total membership base of 20 members. Total membership can include associate, social and life membership
  • provide most recent certified (signed by the club Treasurer) or audited Statement of Financial Performance (Income and Expenditure Statement) and / or Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)


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